Successful Employers Know Their People

How the employee survey is a pulse on team satisfaction and tool to get there.

11062b_1dfa0dd378b74726bd8e109220bbb142~mv2.jpgQuick question: When was the last time you asked your staff what was important to them when it comes to health benefits? If you’re like most of the employers I meet with, the answer is - never. And that’s not great. Let me tell you why employee engagement matters, and what you can do about it.

The two most common goals when implementing employee benefits are employee attraction, and retention. In short, benefits are put in place to make (and keep) people happy. But how can you keep people happy without knowing what’s important to them?

"An inadequate benefit plan is based on your brokers' knowledge of the industry and not on data from your actual employees."

We know people are diverse; you’ll never find a plan that meets the needs of each individual. Chances are, when your advisor designed your plan, they didn’t offer up much choice. Instead, they designed an inadequate plan that is based on their knowledge of the industry and not based on data from your actual employees. This doesn’t always lead to a plan that makes sense. However, with the right tool, you can explore and rethink the needs of your specific group. That tool is a Bloom Benefits employee survey.

The employee survey helps employers get a pulse on everything from health benefits to corporate culture. By creating an open dialogue with staff, you can easily address where there are unmet needs, and concerns.

Here’s an example of how a Bloom Benefits administered employee survey can provide valuable insight into employee needs:

One of the most common questions that employers choose to ask on their survey is, “Would you be willing to spend more to enhance your benefits program?”. Across dozens of industries the surprising result is: YES! The vast majority of my clients’ employees are willing to pay more for a better program. Now that take with a grain of salt because most people will pay more for a program thats fits their needs, but not for something that is generic and unhelpful to them or their family. Be as that may, this one simple question can be a catalyst to direct your focus on plan improvement in the right direction.

We encourage you to rethink your employee benefits, and use a Bloom Benefits employee survey to discover what’s important to your staff. Our advisors have the software and experience to prepare, distribute and analyze the survey; a quick interview with your benefits administrator will allow us to build and customize it based on your ideal outcomes.

It’s time to take the first step to implement a meaningful program that attracts and retains employees the way it should. It’s time to rethink and get the results you deserve from your benefits plan.


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